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Today Amazon Music is one of the most popular music streaming platforms around the globe. No wonder, a lot of talented artists lead their accounts here to start up their business. Getting more followers and plays on Amazon Music platform, you will be able to attract attention from music promoters and publishers. The first step to take is to buy Amazon Plays to increase the rating and obtain new followers that will be interested in your products. Start earning with Amazon Music right now!

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Why Choose PromoUps?

Top quality

We have been in this market for over 2 years and have established ourselves as a reliable partner for our clients.

Quick launch

Time is the most valuable resource in human life! We value our clients' time, that is why we have developed a very convenient panel to control all your orders.

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Our prompt support always answers calls and customer requests almost around the clock!

Completely secure

You can be absolutely sure that your account will not be banned, because we use only real users for our promotion services.

Why Buy Amazon Music Promotion Services?

Stay ahead of the curve


Promotion is definitely required for new accounts. It is known that many people form their opinion based on the ratings of the majority of users. Having seen a lot of likes of a composition, a person often decides to listen to it and even write a positive comment on the content. Therefore, the promotion is required by everyone and at any time, as you can warm up interest in your work with its help.

Increase your activity on Amazon Music


By uploading a song to Amazon Music, artists can present their work to the maximum number of users. Now this resource has turned into a platform where even famous singers try to attract the attention of music lovers. Amazon Music account helps you find fans, producers, and increase track sales. Apart from the promotion services, you have to involve as many users into your activity as you can.

Upload premium tracks


To become famous on Amazon Music and sell tracks to hundreds or thousands of users, you need to create music of high quality that will compete with popular song or even with world hits. Remember that people will pay only for catchy music that is really interesting for them.

Find your listeners


Amazon Music is a platform where each performer can get his or moment of popularity. With the right approach, this moment can last even longer, because you can draw attention of the producers or music lovers, who will buy your tunes and then come to concerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Services from PromoUps

Will the promotion increase the rating of my tracks?

Promotion of your tracks on Amazon Music by our professionals is the best way to get to the top positions. By ordering Amazon Music Plays, you will quickly increase your rating and popularity of your songs. Amazon Music algorithms take this indicator into account when ranking the tracks and songs.

I have completed my order, what are my further steps?

As you have completed the payment, your order is going to be processed by our professionals. In several minutes or hours, you will obtain our services. You can watch the progress on your account. In case you don´t get the right amount, contact our support.

Are there any risks when I buy plays or likes?

No risks at all! Your account will not be banned if you use top quality promotion for your Amazon Music account. We send the ordered services in small portions so that the platform does not suspect any promotion. You can be sure that your account is safe and secure with our services.

Shall I register or enter my password?

No! We have created a very simple interface so that our clients could just complete the order and enjoy their results. Apart from that, we don’t ask any passwords or other secret information.

Do you offer likes and plays from bots or real accounts?

We assure you that all the accounts that we use belong to real people, who can get interested in your content or even become your fans. This is a real attraction of live and active people to the page, which is used by most celebrities in order to bring pages to the top, increase their popularity, and make the account look more credible!

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, after we have started processing your order and sending you the ordered services, we cannot stop the execution of the order, because our system works automatically. Moreover, the banking systems used by the website don’t provide for the return of funds.