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Why Buy Facebook Promotion Services?

Get in touch with your target audience


If you want to become popular on Facebook, your need thousands of subscribers, who will receive in the news feed the posts published on your page. Accordingly, you can send your message or posts directly to the target audience. It is more effective than sending by email. There is no spam element here - people will add themselves to you and are guaranteed to read your posts.

Make your brand popular in the world


You can buy subscribers to your Facebook page for different purposes, but two-thirds of people ordering this service expect to make a profit in the end. And they get it! From a commercial point of view the most important thing here is the ability to compete with brands that you could never do outside of the digital space.

Communicate with your fans


Once you get the desired number of subscribers, the activity on your page will increase dramatically. Facebook tracks this algorithm, and your account will be shown to a greater audience. With likes and comments that we will send to your page, you will be about to get to the top and get new subscribers in an organic way. Enjoy the communication with your fans and attract even more clients!

Post interesting content


We offer the most flexible service and attractive conditions so that you can increase the popularity of your page comfortably, quickly, and safely. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the content of your publications. The posts must be exciting and bright, so that they could stand out of the crowd. Only in this way, you can get real customers, who will order your services or goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Services from PromoUps

Is it really safe to use the promotion of Facebook?

Our specialists with rich experience in Facebook promotion have developed their own strategies, with certain limits and algorithms. We use only live subscribers who perform certain tasks for a monetary reward, with uploaded photos and activity on their pages.

What confidential information shall I provide?

In order to use our service, you must only share your username on Facebook or Facebook post link with us and we will send you the ordered amount of followers, likes or just services that you have stated in the order. We never ask you to give us any private information, as passwords.

What is the use of buying Facebook promotion?

If you want to make your page on Facebook attractive to other users and get credibility, you need a lot of engagement with comments, likes, views and other factors of activity. Being popular on Facebook gives you real opportunities to boost your sales and improve your business!

I have placed my order, but I haven´t received the services yet. What shall I do?

Our service works completely automatically, but if the launch did not start, then it may be for the following reasons. Either you provided an incorrect link, or your account is empty. If the reason is different, contact the online consultant on the site or email us - support@promoups.com

How will Facebook paid promotion influence my business?

The more engagement you have with other users on Facebook, the more credible your page is and the more clients you will attract. It is advisable to order various kinds of promotion such as likes, views, comments, followers, so that your account looks natural and assures everybody that your business is really popular.

Can my account stay private?

Private accounts are only open to those users who follow your page. If you order promotion services, you should let all the users of Facebook like, view, comment and repost your publications. In this case, we ask you to set your account public.