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Are you fond of music and do you want to be heard of all around the world? We have a great solution for you! Order our Apple music promotion and the amount of your listeners will grow rapidly. Just within several days you will notice that the audience, which is interested in your tracks, has become larger. Apart from that, your profile will have a more professional overall image.

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Why Choose PromoUps?

Quality services

What makes our website so popular is that we use only organic and natural promotion for our clients. No bans or write-offs!

Reliable delivery

After you have placed an order with us and made your payment, sit back and wait for our services that will be provided within several minutes!

Simple process

Our website is well-structured and it doesn’t take much time to select the package that suits you most of all and fill in the form. We always try to save your time!

Cheap and effective

The prices for our services are extremely low, so that every user can afford Apple Music promotion! With a little money invested, you will get not only new fans, but also popularity and fame.

Why Buy Apple Music Promotion Services?

Upload your own artist image


The promotion is an effective way to launch a new start-up on Apple Music. Nevertheless, it is will bring even more fruitful results if you take certain steps to increase your popularity. It is advisable to upload your own picture, so that the users could see the author of their favourite tracks. The artist's image is your business card and a way to retell about yourself.

Follow your statistics


Find out how many people listen to your music in a specific period of time. This information will allow you to decide the amount of listeners you need to buy for your account. You can also inform yourself about the playlists where your songs are played most often and who your active listeners are.

Launch your music career


No matter where you live – you can start your career in any part of the world. The first step you should take is to record a unique awesome track and upload it to Apple Music platform. With our promotion services and your talent you will become not only famous, but also obtain large income from your sale of your songs. Mix business with pleasure!

Use professional approach


It is really possible to promote a new song using the promotion of likes, which will generate interest and become one of the incentives to listen to your music. In any case, it will look unlogic if your track will have thousands of likes, but no downloads. Therefore, you need to combine various services of promotion to make your profile look attractive and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Services from PromoUps

Can promotion help me become famous in Apple Music?

The Apple Music platform is gaining more and more popularity among the Internet audience and opens up the widest opportunities for the distribution of audio content. Naturally, it is easy to get lost among a huge number of hits, and even if your compositions deserve special attention, they can remain in the shadows for a long time and not go into trends. In this case the promotion will boost your tracks forward.

How does the promotion work?

We pay our curators a fee, so that they listen to each track and assess it. We provide you only with 100% real playlists that have been created in an organic way. You can completely rely on our services because the ways of promotion are absolutely safe and secure.

How long will my campaign last?

On our website you will find different packages with various amounts of plays, reposts and other services. The campaign can last starting from one week up to a month. We take into account all the desires and needs of our clients that are indicated in the order.

Why should I buy Apple Music promotion?

If you want to be noticed on Apple Music platform and get more and more fans listening to your songs, you need a target audience. Instead of spending days and nights trying to attract new listeners in a manual way, you delegate this task to us and concentrate on the quality of your product or record some more tracks.

How will real plays be driven to my account?

We can assure you that we run popular and large engagement groups that will visit your page and listen to your tracks. In its turn, this will create more activity on your account and make your page look attractive.

How can I place an order?

On our website you will find various packages with different services and amounts. Select the one that suits your needs most of all. Share your link with tracks with us and we will do all the promotion work for you!